Who Owns the Council Camps?


One of the most frequent questions the council receives is who owns the eight Trapper Trails Council camps.  Six of the camps (Camps Kiesel, Browning, Fife, Hunt, Hull Valley, and Bartlett) are owned by the council.  No outside groups have any shared or partial interest or ownership in the properties.

The other two, Camp Loll and Camp New Fork, are long-term leases with the US Forest Service.  The council appreciates the relationship we have with the Forest Service and values them as a great partner in our Scouting program.

If you are interested in learning more about our outstanding summer camps or have questions about using a camp during the off season, go to our website www.trappertrails.org/camps or call the Ogden Scout Service Center at (801) 479-5460.


I love visiting the Scout camps in the summer.  It is interesting to take a “fly on the wall” look at camp life.  Groups of boys running around to various merit badge courses, putting up with rain and bad weather and feeling the excitement in the air.  I was recently at Camp Kiesel watching the Cub Scouts at the shooting range.  There was so much excitement in the air while they waited in line to shoot. Several of them were jumping up and down with anticipation.

A lot gets accomplished during a week of Scout camp, but behind it all boys are learning valuable life lessons. Sometimes it means a few days of rain and cold, finding out that sleeping in a tent with others is not the same as sleeping in your bed at home, no access to television, phones or other electronics and a little bit of home sickness.  But whatever the challenges are there are lessons to be learned, and that week of Scout camp does a lot to prepare young men for their lives ahead.  IMG_2452 (1)

They learn patriotism, leadership, accountability and how to work together.  They learn how to use a bow, a knife and a gun safely. They learn how to test their courage in rappelling and rock climbing.  They learn that they can do hard things.  It’s all part of getting “Prepared for Life.”

I hope everyone has a great Scout camp experience this summer.

Frank W. Browning

Trapper Trails Council President

Scout Camp Adventures

How Do I Transfer to a Traditional Scouting Pack, Troop, or Crew?

Allen and Tiger Cub

One of the most frequent questions that come to the Scout Service Center is how do I find a pack, troop, crew, ship, or post in my area to transfer into.  The answer is only a click away.  Go to www.trappertrails.org/locate.  This is where you will find the location for units in your area that area looking for youth and adults to join.  Below the map is a contact form you should complete and a member of the council staff will respond to answer all your questions and help you to connect with the unit you are interested.  Once you meet the unit, our staff member can help you transfer and join your new Scouting unit.

This is a great time to transfer or join Scouting and be ready for all the fun coming this Fall.  Your new opportunity is only a click away.  Get ready for the adventure, join Scouting!

Is There a Community Scouting Unit Near Me?


Everyday at the Council Service Centers we receive messages from people looking to find out if there is a traditional, community based Scouting unit in their area.  Some are looking to transfer from their current unit due to upcoming changes announced by the LDS Church, some are asking because they are new to Scouting and want to join, and some are wanting to volunteer to start a new unit if there isn’t one close by.  Because so many are asking, we have posted a page on our website to help you find where the closest traditional Scouting unit is to you.  Go to www.trappertrails.org/locate.  There you will find a map of the available units throughout the council.  There is also a place to request more information about units in your area.  Once you click submit, a member of the Trapper Trails Council staff will reach out to you to answer all your questions.

Scouting is alive and well in the Trapper Trails Council and we want to help you take advantage of all it has to offer.  Your family is welcome to join.  Come take advantage of this great opportunity and become part of the Scouting family.

Scouting For Food – March 17th


Saturday, March 17th, will be our annual Scouting For Food Drive.  I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the date.  We have additional information, including collection locations and supported food banks on our website, https://www.trappertrails.org/scoutingforfood.  21 local food banks throughout our council that will be receiving support this year from the drive.  It is an amazing site to watch load after load of donated food arrive and to realize what a major difference Scouting For Food makes in our communities.

Make a difference – participate and donate to Scouting For Food.

Scouting’s Anniversary


Not only is today the anniversary of the BSA, it has also been declared “Boy Scouts of America Day” by the Governor of the State of Utah. I would encourage you to do something today to honor this important event: participate in a Board of Review, help teach a skill at a unit meeting, Do A Good Turn, or help another youth to register in our great values based program. As we do this, we are giving back to Scouting and helping to make a difference in the lives of others.

Thanks for all you do. I hope to see you again soon along the Scouting Trail.

Have a great day!

Allen Endicott
Scout Executive