The Order of the Arrow: Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service

The Elk Horn District Chapter (13, Apsaalooke) of the Order of the Arrow (OA) has had a busy and exciting fall season.  These talented young men, selected from their own units by their peers because of their commitment to the Scout Oath and Law, have been engaged in various activities that are tied to the core values of the OA: Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service.
In October, chapter members participated as Elangomat (friend) to those new candidates hoping to become the newest members and brothers in the OA.  They spent the weekend serving candidates by working along side them on service projects which enhanced the Camp Fife grounds.  Those projects included clearing rocks, removing dead trees, cleaning the grounds, getting the camp ready for winter, and planting new grass around the new pavilion, restrooms, and showers.
10702007_754984881227374_438905270613938582_nCarter Christian Luke
Later in October, chapter members who are or will soon be Eagle Scouts were asked to take part in the Elk Horn District recognition night.  The arrowmen helped to set the tone of the meeting by leading and performing the opening flag ceremony.  Later, they all     stood at attention while local Scouters were recognized for their extraordinary service to Scouting.  These young men felt that it was a privilege and an honor to participate.
In November, we were able to come together to provide service for a family that has helped feed us for various other projects.  We built some flooring and walls which will allow them to have more storage and recreation space.  The young men learned valuable construction skills while being led by knowledgeable adult leadership.
While working through these projects, the chapter members also did various Arrow of Light ceremonies for Packs in our district, this also included the opportunity to participate in an Eagle Court of Honor for one of our own members who earned this prestigious honor.
While doing this, the young arrowmen have continued to developed their leadership skills and build friendships that will last a life time.
The Order of the Arrow is a youth led program.  They decide what we are going to do and how we are going to do it.  Adult members aid the youth by helping to facilitate the youth’s goals and objectives.  If you would like to be a member or have your youth participate, please ask your local chapter adviser to coordinate an election for your troop.  Contact information can be found on the Trapper Trails website under Programs, Order of the Arrow.
-Gary Roberts, Chapter 13
 Chapter Advisor

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