Boys to Men

Young men that embark upon Scouting find they are often placing in situations that are foreign to their experience level. They find weather conditions can change and what once was a beautiful spring day can quickly turn into a not so pleasant spring night. A scout is prepared is the motto but it does not mean a scout is always prepared but they have that as a goal. Many combined experiences allow a boy to understand the meaning of being prepared.

This troop from Washington Heights found changing weather conditions a challenge for some boys who chose to not fully head the equipment list. During the experience much was learned about salmon and the spawn and conservation. Some fishing was done and the fish were unharmed and released.

Even a less than desirable wet camp is a good learning experience and adds to the boys list of memories and helps for future preparedness. There is much value in allowing boys to fail if it does not compromise their safety. Failure is something that many adults would not allow in young people’s experiences with the hope of saving the outing, but a wise leader allows failure because of the impact of the lesson learned.

The long time used adage, “We’re building memories boys”, seems to make the lessons learned more savory and providing a moment of reflection brings home opportunities for improvement the next time out in the wild.

Scouting builds boys and good leaders. Boys grow into good leaders if they have a positive experience in spite of less than prepared outings. “We’ll get it right next time” provides hope and challenge that builds character, to say the least.

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