Recreational Resource Management


On October 28th, the Trapper Trails council was invited to guest speak in the USU Recreation Resource Management Class. Stephen Eborn (Field Director) Travis Emery (District Executive) Daisha Chavez (Spanish Initiative Director), all took time in the class of 50 students. We explained how The Boy Scouts of America along with other youth organizations benefit the community and the outdoors. During the class we taught them about opportunities they could experience during their time at college and how to get the most of what’s offered through our organization as well through other organizations, so they were more prepared for the direction they would like to follow once they graduate.

For example they could work for the Parks department and help run educational programs through them and help keep people informed on how to keep our natural resources around longer. Also they could have the opportunity to work at summer camps to help implement the mission of many different agencies, YMC, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts, and of course the Boy Scouts of America.

We explained to the students that they needed to pick an agency that fit in with their beliefs as well. Basic CMYK

Most agencies have a mission statement which directs their efforts in what they do. And we read them the mission statement of the Boy Scouts for an example.

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

We followed up with a question and answer session which was great and as many of the students had questions about the Boy Scout along with the nonprofit agencies in the area and around the country.

We have had many students schedule appointments with us about opportunities within Boy Scouts for internships and summer employment and careers.

We loved the experience and love USU. GO AGGIES!

What is Recreation Resource Management?

Recreation Resource Management involves managing lands to accommodate recreational uses as well as interpreting the natural values of these lands to recreation visitors.  Recreation resource managers play a vital role in maintaining the multiple use of our public lands and must have good people skills as well as a solid understanding of natural resources.

What type of students study Recreation Resource Management?

Students who ….

  • Love to be outdoors.
  • Have good outdoor skills and want to use them to help others.
  • Like to work with people.
  • Are interested in the sustainable use of natural places.
  • Want to prepare for a professional career, or for graduate study, law school or an MBA

What do Recreation Resource Management majors study?

Recreation Resource Management majors receive a background in biological sciences including courses in wildlife and fish diversity, plants, and ecology.  Most of their focus is on the human dimensions of natural resources, including planning and management; environmental interpretation; sociology and psychology of recreation; and environmental economics, history and law.

What type of jobs do graduates get?

  • Recreation managers and planners with state or federal agencies.
  • Park rangers in a wide variety of outdoor settings, including national forests and rangelands, state and national parks, wilderness areas.
  • Recreation professionals for organizations that promote or manage different types of recreational uses of our lands, ranging from trail riding to rock climbing.
  • Interpreting natural, cultural, and historic resources, environmental education and communication.

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