A Scout is Physically Fit

This past year The Trapper Trails Council has sponsored the Tri-Fitness Challenge.

Three fitness events put on through out the year to encourage Scouts and their leaders to develop lifelong exercise habits.

The First event was the Swim relay where each troop, team or crew swam 100 laps as a relay.

Second was the Antelope Island Relay run where once again each troop, team or crew ran the 19 miles from the entrance of Antelope Island State Park in Syracuse to the Garr Ranch on the Island.  Each runner ran as far as they wanted/could and then swapped out with a new runner.  It was a great event.

The Third and final event in the challenge was Bike the Bear.  This event has been going on for 7 years now and is the absolute best place for a boy to finish his Cycling merit badge with the 50 mile ride around beautiful Bear Lake.  Riders and their units can camp at Camp Hunt on the West Shores of Bear Lake and enjoy a pasta dinner with the other riders the night before the ride.  The day of the ride begins early with a start at the LDS church parking lot in Garden City and then has aid stations every 10 miles around the lake.

If your’re looking for a great year round program addition for your scouting unit, make sure to consider this.  The Dates are being finalized for 2015, so stay tuned as you’re planning for next year.

Contact Jason Eborn at the Scout office if you have any questions.

801-479-5460 or jason.eborn@scouting.org

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