A Sandwich, Scouting, and a Smile!

Roundtables are filled with training, motivation and a whole lot of fun.  As the District Executive of two great districts in the Cache and Bear Lake Valleys I have the opportunity of going to two roundtables each month and be involved in the training and motivation of the countless selfless leaders who benefit the lives of thousands of youth.

Little did I know, on my most recent trip to Bear Lake District, that I would be the one who was instructed nor did could I have imagined my teacher.

Myself and two Assistant Council Commissioners, Bryan Stephens and David Hatch, were en route to Montpelier Idaho to attend the December 3rd Roundtable Training.  In this specific instance, visitors from the council came to train a new Roundtable Staff how to conduct the monthly training meetings.  Because of a few extra minutes we decided to grab a quick bite to eat at Subway in Montpelier.  As usual we placed our orders and made our way to the cashier.

He was a large young man, probably 6ft 4in and about 350lbs, with a huge smile on his face.  As we got to him and were ready to pay he noticed that we were in Scout Uniform.  He stopped packing up our sandwiches and with a ton of enthusiasm he said aloud,

“I was a Scout, Troop 59, Minnesota.”  He then recited the twelve points of the Scout Law,

“A Scout is:



Helpfulscout law









and Reverent!


Here I was, in the small town of Montpelier, Idaho, listening to a young man (probably in his 20’s) recite the Scout Law in front of us and other customers, committing once again to “Live By It!” I began to question, how often do I recommit myself to the values we represent in this great movement.

A huge smile dawned our faces as we asked what brought him here from Minnesota and his Scouting experiences.  He represents the millions of youth that the Boy Scouts of America serves, and the impact we can have as we teach them these great values that they will use as their moral compass for the rest of their lives. Though he comes from a different area of the country it shows that Scouting is strong elsewhere. Just as he moved to Montpelier, Idaho we too are preparing young people to begin their journey on the trail of life and are hopeful that they will remember, like this young man, the values we teach.

With a sandwich in my hand, a smile on my face, I recommitted myself to continue to “do my best” to spread the values of Scouting to all that will listen.

Will you?


If you know someone who could benefit from the values of Scouting please direct them to http://www.trappertrails.org or to contact the nearest Trapper Trails Council Service Center for information on how to join in the adventure of Scouting.

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