Unit Commissioners:  The secret to great scouting!

The most recent roundtable held in the Mountain view district was all about sharpening and using throwing axes and knives.  As everyone knows, the words “throwing” and “knives” put together is a surefire way to grasp the attention of any scout, and the training at roundtable has allowed for a quality experience with throwing knives and axes to safely take place in many scouting units throughout Ogden.

How did this training on the proper sharpening and handling of axes and knives come about?  It was because a unit commissioner in the district saw how effectively one of their units were handling this fun and interactive activity during one of their meetings.  This unit commissioner then reported the success of this unit to the district, and voila!  The whole district received training on how to make throwing axes and knives a fun and safe experience for each of the scouts they serve!

Often, commissioner service is misunderstood or even unknown.  But commissioner service is simply about ensuring that a quality program, like the one mentioned above, is created for our cubs and scouts.  Ultimately, commissioner service is the secret to great scouting, and has a very simple motto: WE SERVE!

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