A Scout is Reverent: Scout Sunday Observance

Yesterday, February 8, marked Scouting Anniversary Day, the 105th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. What made it extra special was the opportunity to celebrate it on Scout Sunday. What is Scout Sunday? The Boy Scouts of America designates the Sunday that falls on or before February 8 as Scout Sunday, which is the primary date to recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting. This wonderful tradition helps remind us all that a Scout is Reverent and about doing our Duty to God.

The Boy Scouts of America has long worked with religious institutions as Chartered Organization partners. Scout Sunday is a great way to celebrate the partnership between the Scouting Unit and its Chartered Organization. An organization can adopt a specific Sunday to celebrate if it so chooses. In the instance of the United Methodist Church, Scout Sunday is celebrated on the second Sunday in February. It also is permissible for a local church to celebrate on the day most acceptable to the pastor and congregation. The Saturday following February 8th, another popular observation day, is commonly referred to as “Scout Sabbath.”

Yesterday, I attended Scout Sunday at the Clearfield Community Church. Troop 78 was celebrating their 70th anniversary and it was truly a pleasure to celebrate Scouting and worship with them. There was a wonderful Charter Presentation by the District Commissioner, a slideshow of Troop 78 history, Scouting displays of patches, Scouts Skills, and camping gear, and an inspired sermon by the Pastor. One of the Scouts even offered the Scripture Reading. It was a wonderful event!

Need more information on how to conduct a successful Scout Sunday? Follow the link below:


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