An Anniversary to Remember!

85 Years of Cub Scouting!!!

cub scout banner

Each year in February, religiously affiliated units in the Boy Scouts of America often celebrate Scout Sunday.  This is a Ethantradition that dates back many generations and is often used to recruit new boys and celebrate the accomplishments of current members.  But did you know that this February, in 2015,  we have another significant anniversary to celebrate?

It was February 10th, 1930 (85 years ago this month) that Cub Scouting (formerly known as “cubbing”) was formally launched as a program for younger boys in the Boy Scouts of America.  By the end of that year there were 5,102 boys registered in the fledgling program with 243 total packs in the United States.

Now, 85 years later, there is an astonishing 1,417,034 Cub Scouts in 43,110 packs.

In the Trapper Trails Council we proudly serve 17,501 Cub Scouts in 1,039 Packs.  We have lots to be proud of in the Trapper Trails Council and the efforts of great volunteers and leaders throughout the council for continuing to bring the Cub Scouting Program to more youth and more communities each and every day!

For more information about the Cub Scout Program please click here.

For more information about the upcoming Cub Scout Changes click here.


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