Brooks Kendrick- Exemplifies the Aims of Scouting!

Character, Fitness, and Citizenship

By Lynn Gunter

Recently I attended a Court of Honor in Logan, Utah that recognized an incredible young man!  Brooks Kendrick was given the prestigious Ranger Award in his Venturing Crew.

Reflecting on his Ranger Trek, Brooks writes, “The Ranger Trek was an amazing experience for me.  You learn a lot of ranger skills and outdoors skills.  First of all, what to pack, how much to pack, how to wear your pack, etc..  How to use a compass and a map, as well as a GPS.  How to fish and then clean and cook them.  My point is you learn useful skills necessary for a Boy Scout, but there is much, much more to get out of the Ranger Trek. I got to watch first hand three separate priest quorums go through several stages of teamwork.  It was amazing that in one week a team could grow so close and learn to perform together, to stop thinking about themselves, and start thinking about others. Each person’s ability to lead grew exponentially. By doing the Kodiak exercises, each person’s leadership skills were challenged and raised to a higher level.

“I had the opportunity to go through the Ranger trek and then for the following two weeks be an Instructor. My personal testimony grew from my many experiences in those Uintah Mountains. At the end of each day we would have a time for reflection around the campfire. You would be surprised at what youth can learn from simple team building or leadership exercises. At the end of the Trek, we have a final reflection which is basically sharing what you learned. There were many tears shed at these last reflections as young men shared their testimonies and lessons learned. Conflicts between boys were solved and testimonies strengthened. Skills were learned and 50 milers completed.  The Ranger Trek is an underexposed program. It could benefit so many more crews/quorums.”


Brooks continues, “I also have a love for the mountains and the outdoors. Mountains are very humbling and spending a week in the Uintah’s alone will grow your testimony. There is something about making a long climb and reaching the top, beholding the awesome view of where you came from and where you are going. Many youth, especially of the priest age, never get out in nature… consumed by video games or other activities, even if it’s basketball etc.  Scouting is very important. Yes, it’s fun and you get to rock climb etc., but participating in the program as a team is very important in young men’s lives. I am only seventeen, but I have grasped a bigger picture thanks to my experiences.”

Reed Tanner, leader and mentor to Brooks states, “Brooks is a great leader and awesome kid.  He is an Eagle Scout and has earned both his Denali and Ranger Awards.  Brooks is ultra-motivated and has been the back bone of the program at every level of Scouting he has participated in.  Brooks is extremely fit and spent the last few months wrestling for Sky View High School.

“This summer he will start a new adventure as he heads off to boot camp where he will become a soldier in the United States Army.  Shortly after boot camp, Brooks will head out on his mission.  Brooks has developed into an incredible young man with a passion for the outdoors.  He is a good citizen and will be a pillar of the community as he gets the chance to give back to Scouting as well as serves his country.

Good work, Brooks, and thank you for being an amazing person and a shining example of the Scout Oath and Law.”

The Trapper Trails Council salutes Brooks Kendrick!

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