The Winter or Summer Old Juniper District Camporee?

February 13-14 might have been Valentine’s Day weekend, but Mother Nature showed no love to the Old Juniper District Winter Camporee attendees and staff by not providing any snow or freezing temperatures. However, she did show some love by providing sunshine and temperatures near 60 degrees by lunchtime.

The theme this year was Iron Will, which is based on the movie with the same title. The movie’s plot is about a young boy who enters into a famous dog-sled race to save his family’s farm. He must endure treacherous terrain and harsh elements using a variety of outdoor skills to overcome the almost impossible. Friday night everyone joined in the lodge to watch the movie where popcorn and hot chocolate were offered. However, the movie was not the highlight of the night. The skunk stuck in the kaibo was where all the fun was going on. Some troops gathered enough courage to try and rescue the skunk, but the skunk had other ideas causing an already foul smelling bathroom to making it even worse. Luck was not on the Scouts’ side as they had to abandon their efforts. Boys will be boys.

Each station was based on a part of the movie; a native american drum was brought in, so that the youth could learn the history, techniques and basic skills of drum playing, each participant was given an unfinished wooden spoon to carve and personalize, the Cache County Search and Rescue team brought their dogs to show how they track and find missing people, one station included a timed relay race, one station had frost bite education and care and another station quizzed the youth on the Iron Will movie.

By lunchtime, most everyone was in short sleeves and some in shorts. Awards were given out to the troops with the best quiz scores, relay times and participation. The camporee was a HUGE success! All of the credit goes to the volunteers and staff who planned and executed a phenomenal program. The debate will always be if whether the camporee should be considered a winter or summer camporee…



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