Keep Up to Date on Venturing

You have probably heard the news. . .The BSA’s Venturing Program is changing – or more accurately – has changed.  There are aspects of the old Venturing program that have been retired.  The new program changes can positively affect the effectiveness of Venturing crews.  It is important to learn about the new streamlined program and how it makes it easier to run a stellar Venturing program.   Some of the biggest changes in the new program have to do with the Venturing recognition program.  Bronze, Gold, and Silver awards are out!  They have been replaced with 4 new awards: Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit.   If you are a leader of a Venturing crew, please come join us and learn about these changes and how the new program relates to the purposes of the LDS Young Men’s program.  These Venturing splash trainings will be held to various locations in the council.

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All Venturing leaders are welcome to attend and the introductory presentations.   All of the details of the new Venturing program can be learned by taking the Venturing Leader Specific Training course or Venturing Crew Committee Challenge course.  These are normally held at District training events.  More information on these events will be forthcoming.

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