Liberty and Freedom

Liberty Trek

On September 25-26 we will have another opportunity to participate in an amazing presentation by our founding fathers, patriots and American Revolution actors regarding Liberty and why liberty matters. It will be held as our council fall camporee at Fort Buenaventua. Registration is done on our website and first come is first served.  There will be limited attendance so hurry and get your troop, team, crew or post involved.


George Washington was an amazing man. He understood that this nation would not be able to stand if our citizens did not have Public Virtue to Liberty and Freedom. He understood the need to maintain a focus on Private Virtue. That the constitution could not govern a people that did not have these values. The constitution is designed to govern a virtuous people.

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”
George Washington

Come and join men of like purpose and reputation and you will not be alone but among a great many who value freedom and liberty.

In addition to the catered dinner on Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday, Scouts will receive a haversack with patriotic mementos including the Liberty House Kit, 13-Star American Revolutionary War Flag cut out, “My Oath” poster, Pocket Constitution booklet, and more! Partial requirements for the American Heritage, Citizenship in the Nation, Family Life, Journalism, and Camping Merit Badges can be earned by attending Liberty Trek. All Scouts who attend will be eligible to receive the handsome Liberty Trek Patch.

Article submitted by Donald Payne Mount Ogden District Executive

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