Be Prepared

Last Saturday in Hyde Park Canyon about a dozen BSA Climbing Instructors met to practice vertical rescue techniques. John Cox led a capable staff of experienced climbing instructors and professional search-and-rescue team members in an all-morning training where less-experienced climbing instructors learned and practiced skills they could use to handle an emergency while scouts were climbing or rappelling.  At the end of the morning everyone was a little farther along on the path to “Being Prepared”.

As the summer camping and high adventure season heats up, all Scouters would do well to take a moment and consider what we’re doing to make sure we are prepared to handle an emergency.  We need to remember that before any activity, unit committees need to complete an online Tour Plan. This should be done even for activities that don’t require the tour plan to be submitted to the council for approval. Completing this form allows adults who are responsible for the safety of Scouts to think about two very important questions: First, “Have we done everything required of us to ensure a safe outing?” and secondly, “If ______ were to happen, what would we do?
Until we’re completely confident in our answers to those questions, we still have preparations to make before we can confidently say “We’re Prepared”.Mech Adv 02

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