Making a Difference!


The Trapper Trails Council in partnership with the local Juvenile Justice System has kicked off it Positive Attitudes Through Scouting “P.A.T.S.” program. This program takes youth (ages 11-17) who have become involved in the Justice System and gives them a chance to learn valuable life skills to help them grow up into great men and citizens.

This pilot program is one of the ways the Trapper Trails Council is reaching out to deliver the ideals, methods and program to even more youth. When the Trapper Trails council approached the juvenile court system, they were eager to start this program. Currently eighteen youth from Weber County have been selected. The P.A T.S Program is designed to show these young men another path to divert them from further involvement in the Justice System.

On Friday May 16, 2015 these young men met at the Trapper Trails Council Office and assisted in loading the camping gear and were off for the Mountains. This campout was a learning experience for the boys and the Scout leaders. Many of the youth had never slept in a sleeping bag, cooked over a fire, or even experienced the grandeur of the stars on a clear night.

Once they arrived at the destination each learned how to set up a tent, build a campfire, and how to build a tinfoil dinner. Skills like slicing vegetables, cracking eggs, setting the table, and doing dishes had to be taught. Scouting teaches boys the basics skills needed to live life and to be contributing members of society. These young men were taught to respect each other, work as a team, and each boy had to pull his own weight. Scouting not only teaches boys to respect themselves, others in the group, and the outdoors, but it also teaches it’s members to respect and have faith in God or a supreme being. For many young men it was their first time to participate in grace before dinner. The highlight for many the first evening was to sink their teeth into their first s’mores. These basic skills that so many take for granted were foreign to these young men. They have started a new journey as they discover the basic skills to live right and with purpose.

On Saturday morning the young men put on rain gear to hike to the top of a mountain peak that overlooks Causey Reservoir. At first many hesitated, the rain had been falling constantly for three hours. Scouting teaches boys to do hard things to stretch them so they can discover what they can accomplish. They all made it and the reward was the incredible view. Many of these young men had never seen anything like it before. By the end of the day these boys didn’t want to leave. They were asking, “When do we get to do this again?”

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