Visit Your Wilderness Areas

It is the US Forest Service’s desire to provide good information to the public about hiking in Wilderness.  But it seems that locally many scout groups have a difficult time finding out about the regulations for the Wilderness areas they visit when they are planning for a hike. stelprdb5334033

Plan ahead and Be Prepared by going to to find out about the regulations and other critical information for your next hike prior to your visit to a Wilderness.  Select “Find a Wilderness” on the left hand side of the page, then find the Wilderness by selecting list by name or list by location.  Once you are at the specific Wilderness web page you can click on “Regulations, Fees, Permits” and read about the specific regulations of the Wilderness you are preparing to hike in.

Remember, not all Wilderness areas are alike – each Wilderness has different maximum group sizes.  There are many other regulations that you should be aware of prior to your trip.

Groups may also visit  (Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forests website for local Forest Service contact information and finding out general and specific information about the forests).

One thought on “Visit Your Wilderness Areas

  1. It is very important to follow the Wilderness Use Policy of BSA when planning a hike into a designated Wilderness area in the United States.


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