LDS Stake YW Join The 50 Miler Club!

IMG_3914IMG_3905 IMG_3909 IMG_0599 IMG_4884

Monday morning my LDS stake took their 16-18 year old young women and leaders on their 2nd Annual Laurel High Adventure Trek.  This year they chose to go to Camp New Fork on a canoe experience down the Green River.  What a great time they had participating as a group.  On this four day program, 60 youth, leaders and staff had the chance to learn new skills, overcome the weather and great obstacles on the river, and really do hard things while in a safe program designed to challenge, motivate, and inspire.  The young women did 50 miles on this journey down the Green in just three days, all the while enjoying beautiful scenery, strengthening relationships and their arm and core muscles, and of course having all the great camp food they wanted.  My wife, Beckki, attended and came home with so many great stories and ready to go again.

If your stake has not taken advantage of this great opportunity at Camp New Fork, please give the Scout Service Center a call and speak with someone in our camp department.  Your Young Women’s group can join the 50 Miler Club just like mine did.

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