Camp New Fork: Getting Back to Basics

We live in a fast paced world of fast food, fast cars and fast(er) internet. Society teaches us to want it now, now, now with no time for civility or recognition. However, for those leaders and youth who experienced Camp New Fork this summer, it was right back to the basics.

With hardly any cell service, no internet and with only blue cards and the basic necessities, each adult and youth learned how to rely on themselves and one another to overcome the challenges of the week instead of relying on Siri and Google. The camp staff as their guides and mentors, each youth and leader became stronger in the ideals and values of Scouting.

Thank you to all of the leaders and youth who came to Camp New Fork this summer. We hope it offered a way for all of you to get away from the concrete jungle, enjoy the land God has given us and all while getting back to the basics. We hope to see you next summer!

-Camp New Fork Staff 2015

CNF 3CNF 2            CNF 2015 1

CNF 2015

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