Help kids to “Be Prepared” for life

Here at the Trapper Trails Council, BSA, we serve youth and adults in Northern Utah, Southern Idaho, and Western Wyoming.

Scouting teaches kids to “Be Prepared’, and give them the confidence to take on any challenge.

Scouting gives our youth the skills to know how to act in an emergency, the confidence to lead, and the character to come to the aid of others. Through our proven programs, we help the over 49,661 Scouts grow into confident leaders who understand the meaning of self-sacrifice.

From rock climbing to public speaking. Making friends to making the right decisions. Building a Pinewood Derby car, to building real-life job skills. Caring for the environment to caring for others.

One of the lines of the Boy Scouts’ oath says, “To help other people at all times.”

And one local boy scout did just that.

Roy 7th grader CJ Saulsgiver jumped in to action, and administered CPR when he came across his mom lying on the floor.

It was only 3 months earlier that CJ had completed training and recieved CPR certification.

CJ’s Boy Scout training, and the fact that he saved his mom’s life, truly inspired the community.  CJ was awarded the BSA’s Medal of Merit in 2013.

There are other potential heroes out there. And you can help us reach them.


On March 31, make a donation to the Trapper Trails Council during the Love UT Give UT campaign.  During this year’s 24-hours of of giving, your donation can:


  • Send a kid to camp
  • Purchase program supplies for youth activities
  • Provide volunteer training
  • Purchase program and facility equipment for our 9 camp programs


Help us reach out to more potential heroes like CJ, and help us help all kids ‘Be Prepared’ for life.

Donate today.

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