My Wife Surprised me with her Camping Prowess


Kevin V. Hunt

Scouting Historian, Author, Scouting Veteran, Camp Director

My wife has always been my greatest supporter as I have headed off on my many Scouting adventures.  She has been behind me all of the way – through all of my Scouting adventures.  It has always been me who has taken the lead, but she recently surprised me with her camping prowess.  She came through in a big way.

I invite you to read the whole account Roughing it Easy – My wife’s Camping Adventure– much of it in her own words – of her adventure of being Webelos Leader and camping with two of our grandsons.  You can read all about it on  The Voice of Scouting.

Best wishes along your Scouting Trails …  Kevin

(To read more of Kevin’s writing, see “Scouting Trails” Books at Scouting Trails)

© Kevin V. Hunt 2016


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