I’m so Grateful I’m in Scouting






Kevin V. Hunt

Scouting Historian, Author and Speaker, Scouting Veteran, Camp Director

Today on Thanksgiving, as I was counting my blessings, Scouting came to the top of the list.  After a life-time of Scouting, it has proven to be one of my greatest blessings – and it has made for a good life as I have climbed the Eagle trail, progressed from Cub Scout to veteran Scouter and have enjoyed so many wonderful Scouting brothers and gatherings along the way.  So, as I  think about it, I can honestly say, “I’m so grateful I’m in Scouting!”

And being a writer – or attempting to be, I decided to put my feelings into poetic prose.  So, here goes:

I’m so Grateful I’m in Scouting

 I’m so grateful I’m in Scouting,

growing, serving, so much to give.

Scouting brotherhood and outings,

Oh what a life it’s been to live.


We earn our wolf badge, then the bear,

Then Webelos, Arrow of Light.

We get to go to day camp where,

We all have fun with all our might.


We started with the Cub Scouts,

and we all love the Blue and Gold.

Such fun in dens, and packs as Scouts,

When done with fam’lies young and old.



New Scout Patrol is next you see,

We start as Scouts then Tenderfeets.

Then Second, First Class Scouts we be,

Star, Life, then Eagle Scout so sweet.


To be an Eagle Scout is best,

And that’s the goal that we all seek.

We climb the trail and pass each test,

along our way to Eagle’s peak.


As Scouts we get to camp and hike,

The Scouts and leaders all are there.

We tromp thru snow, or ride our bike,

We hike the hills, camp everywhere.


We have grand times at camporees,

our weeks at summer camp are best.

If we’re lucky, to jamborees,

So much to do, no time to rest.


What can beat the smell of bacon,

as we’re camping on the trail.

And together we are making

the grub that we all love so well.


Dutch oven cobbler, biscuits too,

and our S’mores cooked on a stick.

The pancakes burning, what to do,

Use coals, not flames – now that’s the trick.


From boy to man we watch them grow,

that pers’nal growth brings us such joy.

No greater wonder could we know,

yet we saw power in that boy.


We move to adult up from youth,

At any age, Scouting is fun.

It seems we cannot get enough,

We cannot ever say we’re done.


We go for training, learning well,

so we can teach, help others grow.

I’m a beaver – or bear – we tell,

With Wood Badge spirit our faces glow.


Scout Oath and Law, we proudly say,

Together every time we can.

These are our guides, they light our way,

along our trails to be a man.


Scouting puts us on our honor,

and true to God and fellow men.

As we raise high the Scouting banner,

and strive to be the best of men.


They come and go, each Scouting year,

But with each year, our joy o’er flows.

The best of times, as Scouts we cheer,

This Scouting life, we’re glad we chose.


Yes, I’m grateful I’m in Scouting,

For the brotherhood I’ve shared.

I’ve enjoyed so much each outing,

and my quest to “Be Prepared”.


Written by Kevin Hunt on Thanksgiving Day – November 24th – 2016 and dedicated to all Scouts and Scouters everywhere.

Best wishes along your Scouting Trails …  Kevin


Excerpts taken from Kevin’s many personal journals and Scouting Trails books including “MR. Scoutmaster!”, “Keys to Scouting Leadership,” “Gnubie to Eagle Scout”,  and others at his Scoutingtrails website.  Connect with Kevin and read his articles on Scouting blogsites such as The Boy ScoutThe Scouting Trail and The Voice of Scouting.  Feel free to comment on anything you read!

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