Christmas and The Gifts I can Give


Kevin V. Hunt

Scouting Historian, Author and Speaker, Scouting Veteran, Camp Director

Over the past year I have very much enjoyed sharing blogs with you – mostly on Scouting subjects.  Thanks for reading and participating with me.  I wish you each a very merry Christmas.  Scouting and our part in it will always be there and we truly love each wonderful Scouting experience and association.

With the Christmas season we can look back on special times and people through the past year.  We can take a bit of a break to spend more time with family.  And we can expand our vision to other areas of service and joy as we ponder anew the birth, life and mission of our Lord Jesus Christ.  That is what I would like to do with this blog … divert a bit from my Scouting themes, but to focus more specifically – on the joy and wonder of the Christmas season – and The Gifts I can Give. christmas-gifts-3

Christmas is a glorious time of year – a beautiful season.  It is a time for family, a time for togetherness, connecting with loved ones.  It is loving and giving and sharing and serving.  Christmas is memories and traditions.  It is music, a feeling, an attitude.  Christmas is surprises and smiling faces.  Christmas is hearing anew the Christmas Story.  It is rejoicing in the Spirit of Thanksgiving.  It is being grateful for our many blessings.  It is thinking of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and His life and mission.  It is having “The Spirit of Christ” with us in our lives.  And with Christmas, we can each one think of the gifts I can give.

And in that Spirit, I would like to share with each of you my own Christmas message to each of you.  For many years I have created a new Christmas song or poem for each Christmas year or season.  (Actually, most of them are just poems now … as I wait patiently trying to find the musician to put my words to music).   Here is one that I would like to share with each of you.


By Kevin V. Hunt

Gifts I’ll give Jesus this Christmas,

Are gifts that I give of my heart.

I will give my gifts to Jesus

With “Grateful Heart”, my list will start.

I’ll give my thanks for all He’s done.

For family, life and time to live.

I’ll give my life to serve the one,

As Jesus gave, I too, will give.

I’ll serve as true under-shepherd;

Giving love to all in my care.

In joy, I’ll share God’s holy word,

His Gospel truths with all I’ll share.

With others, I will share my faith,

My testimony that He lives.

I’ll teach that as we live by faith,

Our God will help us, all He gives.

To Jesus, I will give my gifts,

Of love and service – from my heart.

The wealth of earth, I may not have,

But what I do have, I will share.

I’ll share with those who may not have,

That they may feel God’s love, His care.

I’ll help as needed, night and day,

In little ways, as so I can.

Through smile and deeds, I’ll show the way,

God shows His love to every man.

I will help others hope and feel,

That life is good, that God is here.

And He provides with love so real,

For all, His children, everywhere.

I’ll sing and dance, and live with joy,

Each day I’m blessed to be on earth.

I’ll share my talents and enjoy,

The friends He’s given me from birth.


To Jesus, I will give my gifts,

Of love and service – from my heart.

I’ll strive to be at peace each day,

I’ll trust in Him, and give Him praise.

For all He gives me, come what may,

And for His goodness all my days.

I’ll rejoice in Heaven’s Glory,

For Jesus came as God’s own son.

Thank Jesus for His blood He’s given,

Atonement made for everyone.

Christmas is Jesus, so I’ll give,

My all in service to my King.

I’ll follow Him, help others live,

In faith and hope through love I bring.

I will think of Him this Christmas,

And I will strive to do my part.

Yes, this year, I’ll give to Jesus,

My might, my soul, I’ll give my heart.

To Jesus, I will give my gifts,

Of love and service – from my heart!

               — @2016  Kevin V. Hunt

I wish for each of you a very merry and joyful Christmas!

And Best wishes along your Christmas and Scouting Trails …  Kevin

Excerpts taken from Kevin’s many personal journals and Scouting Trails books including “MR. Scoutmaster!”, “Keys to Scouting Leadership,” “Gnubie to Eagle Scout”,  and others at his Scoutingtrails website.  Connect with Kevin and read his articles on Scouting blogsites such as The Boy ScoutThe Scouting Trail and The Voice of Scouting.  Feel free to comment on anything you read!

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