Monument Recognizing Ogden’s Namesake


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As I blogged about our summer adventures at Camp New Fork this summer, I threw in a bit at the end of one blog about our return trip – after camp – through Morgan County – on the way back to the Trapper Trails Council Office in Ogden .  In that blog, I said that “driving through Morgan County brought back real fond memories to me.  I recalled with happiness my time there years ago as the professional Scouter – the District Executive – for the area.”

I continued, “Typically I stop at many rest stops along any long journey so my wife and daughter – in their own vehicles behind me – were surprised that I didn’t stop at the rest stop on Interstate 84 near Mountain Green and at the canyon just before Ogden.  And as I passed it on the freeway, I wished that I had stopped at this rest stop.  For as I whizzed by, I had a vision of a former memory that I had forgotten.  So, I wished that I had stopped and would have seen again the monument that Mt. Ogden Boy Scouts created thirty plus years ago.


I noted in the article that I had some flashback memories of the monument.  I noted too, my frustration at not being able to find the journal entry for the occasion – and even made excuse as to why I did not have a journal entry about the monument.  In the article, I also stated emphatically that the monument was built in the May of 1980.  Well, now I stand corrected and would like to make some corrections for the record.

Recently, while researching my past journals for another project, I came across the journal article I thought was supposed to be there.  It wasn’t where I thought it would be, however.  I thought that it was in May of 1980 (because that is when the Deseret News got around to publishing about the experience – or that is when we reported it to them … but the Boy Scout truth was that it was in September 1979.  So, as Paul Harvey would say, “Here’s the rest of the story …”  And with this new information, it is worth revisiting …


“… This afternoon I went out delivering SME (“Friends of Scouting”) train plaques.  [In those days, we recognized folks who contributed $100 or more each year to the Scout Council with a classy wooden plaque – that had a railroad track and an HO scale train car -a take-off from Promontory Point – where the trains came together in the Ogden area in 1869.]

“I first took a plaque to Keith W. Wilcox, an architect and Church regional Representative.  I first met Pres. Wilcox when he was the Regional Representative as I was on my Florida mission.  He was the architect of the Washington, D.C. Temple and later president of the Indiana Mission.  He started telling me about his latest project for Scouting.  He designed the monument which the Weber Heights Stake is building this week-end to honor Peter Skeen Ogden – for whom Ogden City and Mount Ogden [and my district] were named.

“He said when Vince Quan, the event director, came in, he had a real small monument in mind.  President Wilcox said that “Anything the Weber Heights Stake did, had to be great.”  He helped Vince “Catch the Vision”.  He – President Wilcox – said that “most of us aim too low.  We need to raise our sights,” he said.

“Later in the day the Washington Terrace Terrace View Stake had me come to help “recharge” the Scouters of their stake.  I talked for 45 minutes and used President Wilcox’s “Catch the Vision” phrase as my theme.  LouDene went with me to the meeting.   They served dinner after the department meetings.

“After the dinner LouDene and I drove to Mountain Green for the Weber Heights campfire program.  They were camped in the area where Peter Ogden was supposed to have camped in 1825.  They had a good program and this included a store teller – Bill Critchlow – who shared a history of Peter Skene Ogden.  We parked about a quarter of a mile away and walked in.  Lowell Clontz, my Mt. Ogden district chairman, got a kick out of Lou doing this – wearing a dress and 9 ½ months pregnant and all.  He is a lot of fun to be around.  We both enjoy him.  I guess it must have been a humorous sight.

Saturday, September 8th,

“This morning I went up to Mountain Green to see the monument which the Weber Heights Stake was building.  They had previously put up the plywood foundation.  The scouts of the stake were put to work gathering, hauling and scrubbing the rocks.  The stone masons (3 of them) were kept busy setting the rock in the cement.  The monument really is beautiful with the two large commemorative metal plaques.

“I talked to several boys involved in the project to get their ideas for a “Boy’s Life” magazine article that I hope to write.  [I guess “Boy’s Life” didn’t want my article that I completed and submitted later!]

And in other articles, I have talked of crazy and wonderful, Vince Quan – and how he motivated all of the district to create the giant Western fort to house our Scout-O-Rama.  He certainly had the vision for that project.  And maybe it was Keith Wilcox who inspired him to “Catch the Vision” – and perhaps it was with that “higher vision” that he later raised his sights for the creation of that fort.  Maybe after the monument building, he realized that he could do and achieve anything he wanted.  A good thought for all of us – to “Catch the Vision”.

But while we are on the subject, I’ll repeat a bit of what I said in the original article – so that all of the information will be in one place.  So, here goes …

“A Google internet search produced some interesting records about the monument and its construction.  The first is from the Utah Division of State History records for plaques and monuments:  Peter Skeen Ogden Monument built by Scouts

The second is from a “Deseret News” Article May 31, 1980.  This can be accessed at:

Deseret News report on the monument building  Note that this article also gives rave reports about Vince Quan.  (Note that the article does not give a date that the event happened!)


And included here in this article is a classy photo of the completed monument – as taken by Jimmy Emerson, DMV on July 31, 2013.  And that the photo taken 34 years after the event shows the monument to still be in good shape and there at the rest area for everyone to see.  It is worth going up to Mountain Green to check it out.

So, there you have it … the rest of the story (and once again, I was saved by my journal.  It always seems to come through for me and usually for others, too).

Best wishes along your Scouting Trails …  Kevin

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