Bettering our Community

Just a few weeks ago several hundred Boy Scouts, leaders and families showed up to help clean the secondary water canal from the mouth of Ogden Canyon though the town of Uintah.
There were trees, branches, rocks, slabs of metal and a variety of debris that needed to be removed to allow for the free flow of water.
The purpose of such a task may not be as it first appears. The real purpose is often unstated, and understated.

Something magical begins to transpire when a parent, a volunteer leader, their sons, daughters and others in the community unite together to perform such labors.
Through such activities Scouting makes an impact in the lives of all who become engaged.

The vision of building, creating and inspiring becomes an easier task than repairing. Connections are made, relationships strengthened, and values that can last a lifetime are instilled. Selfless service. There is no better way than this in bettering our community!

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