William T Hornaday Awarded to Mike Perkins

Trapper Trails’ Council own William “Mike” Perkins of Tremonton, Utah, was presented the William T. Hornaday National Gold Medal for five decades of conservation and environmental dedication at the National Jamboree on Thursday, July 27th from the BSA’s National Conservation Committee while our National Commissioner Charles Dalhquist decorated him with this rare award. 20292809_1782558691785049_909143559231223958_n
This National award is among the rarest of all Scouting Honors and only been presented 35 times in the last 50 years.  William T. Hornaday was the director of the New York Zoological society that worked on conserving American Resources and saving endangered species early on in the 20th century.
Among the many requirements that were met over a minimum of 20 year time span, Mike was able to create a National Training initiative that was rolled out at Philmont to train local Hornaday advisors around the country. Mike has nearly seven decades devoted to Scouting and nearly half of them here in the Trapper Trails Council.
His example and dedication shines for us all and to learn more about the requirements for youth and adults, click here.
Congratulations Mike for your hard work and dedication!

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