Is There a Community Scouting Unit Near Me?


Everyday at the Council Service Centers we receive messages from people looking to find out if there is a traditional, community based Scouting unit in their area.  Some are looking to transfer from their current unit due to upcoming changes announced by the LDS Church, some are asking because they are new to Scouting and want to join, and some are wanting to volunteer to start a new unit if there isn’t one close by.  Because so many are asking, we have posted a page on our website to help you find where the closest traditional Scouting unit is to you.  Go to  There you will find a map of the available units throughout the council.  There is also a place to request more information about units in your area.  Once you click submit, a member of the Trapper Trails Council staff will reach out to you to answer all your questions.

Scouting is alive and well in the Trapper Trails Council and we want to help you take advantage of all it has to offer.  Your family is welcome to join.  Come take advantage of this great opportunity and become part of the Scouting family.

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