I love visiting the Scout camps in the summer.  It is interesting to take a “fly on the wall” look at camp life.  Groups of boys running around to various merit badge courses, putting up with rain and bad weather and feeling the excitement in the air.  I was recently at Camp Kiesel watching the Cub Scouts at the shooting range.  There was so much excitement in the air while they waited in line to shoot. Several of them were jumping up and down with anticipation.

A lot gets accomplished during a week of Scout camp, but behind it all boys are learning valuable life lessons. Sometimes it means a few days of rain and cold, finding out that sleeping in a tent with others is not the same as sleeping in your bed at home, no access to television, phones or other electronics and a little bit of home sickness.  But whatever the challenges are there are lessons to be learned, and that week of Scout camp does a lot to prepare young men for their lives ahead.  IMG_2452 (1)

They learn patriotism, leadership, accountability and how to work together.  They learn how to use a bow, a knife and a gun safely. They learn how to test their courage in rappelling and rock climbing.  They learn that they can do hard things.  It’s all part of getting “Prepared for Life.”

I hope everyone has a great Scout camp experience this summer.

Frank W. Browning

Trapper Trails Council President

Scout Camp Adventures

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