Where Can We Meet?

We continue to offer all of Scouting’s opportunities to youth now and are deep into preparations for the changes that are happening for LDS units at the end of 2019.  A number of new sponsors have stepped forward and we believe many more will.

The main question is where can we meet? Many of those businesses, civic organizations and association who will sponsor a Scout unit may not have the large room and storage facilities for a pack, troop or crew.  We all need to be thinking of how we can solve this.  The kids who yet want to be active in Scouting and enjoy all of its programs, need us to find the where.  I look forward to working with commissioners and Scouters alike to find a solution to the where.  It will be vital to our future success. tg-09-councilcommissioner-300x271

Thanks for what you are doing to help Scouts now and into the future.

Russ Tanner

Council Commissioner

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