Building relationships, and strengthening connections

Welcome to Trapper Trails Alumni & Friends

Trapper Trails Scouting Alumni and Friends (SAF) mission is to engage, inform and assist alumni affiliates to make Scouting stronger within our communities thereby helping more youth join the Scouting Adventure.  Whether you are a member of Order of the Arrow, Eagle Scout member of NESA, Silver Beaver, National Jamboree participant, Wood Badger, attended one of our awesome camps or a Friends of Scouting donor, please know we need you to be part of our Scouting Alumni and Friends.

For joining we have a brand-new Alumni patch and membership card that gets you in to Alumni events. Pay your 2019 dues, and you will receive the 2019 membership card – the 2019 card will be your ticket in to next year’s social (i.e. Silver Beaver Dinner, etc).

Our goal is to make SAF important by building and expanding relationships with the Scouting community thereby making Scouting stronger.  It is worth itto stay connected and Scouting needs alumni affiliates (you!). The opportunities are endless.

Here are some ways to connect:

  • Connections to Scouting community and Scouting friends
  • Social events (banquets, activities, etc)
  • Service events
  • Career and Networking
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Youth program support
  • Recognition for service awards

Two information websites you should visit are:

If you have ideas, or suggestions, we welcome your thoughts.  Please contact me at

Sincerely Yours in Scouting,

Bryant Davis

Scouting Alumni & Friends VP

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