Wood Badge course W2-589-18-3

Our Wood Badge course began on Monday, July 2ndat Bartlett Scout Reservation with setup and final preparations the day before. We had 29 participants and 16 staff members. Participants were divided into 6 patrols, Beavers thru Bears. It concluded on Saturday, July 7th. We had the pleasure of being part of Encompass, otherwise known as Family Camp. It provided a rich experience of family interactions as well as lots of fun times while still providing a wonderful training experience. The participants staff and enjoyed one of the finest Wood Badge courses ever held. image6156514

Our conservation project was two-fold. We divided up and one group went to the lower part of camp where we cut up and loaded firewood into several trucks. The wood was then hauled and stacked outside of camp for use by needy families for use during the winter. The other group followed a trail up above camp where several forest service campsites are located. They cleaned the trails and campsites and better organized them for regular use. Both projects were productive and helpful and everyone participating felt a sense of accomplishment.

A unique and fun part of our course was the Penguin Salute song taught and led by staff member Mike Dixon. If you happen to meet anyone who participated in this course, be sure to ask them about it.

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