Does my son have time to earn Eagle Scout in our LDS chartered unit?


Can my son still earn Eagle Scout?  Does he have enough time?  These questions and many others related to advancement are being asked each day by parents and Scout leaders from LDS chartered units.  Here are some answers.

As long as the Scout earned the rank of Star by December 31, 2018 and he does not turn 18 years old before December 31, 2019, he will have enough time to meet the 6 month requirements for Life and Eagle.

If your Scout doesn’t meet the time requirement, there’s still another way.  If your Scout earns the rank of Star after December 31, 2018, he can still make it!  He will just need to finish in another traditional troop.

Transferring to a traditional Scouting unit is a great option and is available to all Scouts registered in LDS chartered units.

For more information about transferring to a new Pack, Troop, or Crew, go to  There you can find information about Scouting units in your area, starting a new unit, and volunteering as an adult leader.  You can also call your local Scout Service Center at (801) 479-5460 for more information.

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