Opportunities to help…

Dear Scouters,

As part of the many adjustments being made this year in preparation for a new and different size council next year we have to re-organize our districts.  This means both change and opportunity.  If we take advantage of the opportunity more than we lament the change we can be successful.  I believe that we can do so and it begins now. CouncilCommissioner_4k

We will merge the fifteen current districts into five.  They will be geographical in nature and be led by Key 3’s (District Chair, District Commissioner & District Executive) of experience and enthusiasm.  There will need to be new district committees formed by combining those who wish to continue to serve with those who are new and bring different ideas.  We will see an increase in diversity and a flood of new ways of looking at things.  It can be fun and profitable.

I hope that you will look at your self as a Scouter and see where you can help.  Whether you serve in a unit direct contact position or on the committee, whether you have a district position that now changes or it is your first time to be asked to help on that level, you can make a difference for the boys and girls that Scouting serves.  Yes I said girls.  That is another great opportunity that is now open.  Girls can join packs and troops and should be encouraged to do so.  We need to be ready to serve them too.

Let’s all join in this great time of changes and opportunities with the goal in mind of providing the best scouting experience we can for the youth of our area.  Don’t worry so much about what your new district is called or how it is located as you.  Put your energy into making the new organization work and be effective at delivering the aims and methods of Scouting as it has for over a century.

I commit to do the same and wish good Scouting to you,

Russ Tanner – Council Commissioner

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