New Districts…

Dear Scouters:

The time is finally arriving to change our council from the previous existing fifteen districts down to the new five districts.  This is both exciting and challenging all at once.  In coming weeks you will hear of the specific details through new district Key 3s and their newly formed district committees.  You can even be involved as you serve in your unit or in a district position to help Scouting continue its path in your area. CouncilCommissioner_4k

The ideals and methods of Scouting remain the same.  Our numbers will be fewer than in the past but we can grow.  Of particular importance will be the formation of new packs, troops and crews with strong unit leaders and committees supporting them.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will no longer sponsor units after 2019 but many of their youth will be looking for units to join.  Several new units have ben sponsored in recent months but many more are needed.  Do you know someone who wants to sponsor a unit and has a location where they could meet?  Share that information with your new district leadership right away.

There will be new Roundtable locations and staff forming.  We hope that all unit leaders will come and take advantage of the traditional format of learning and sharing scouting ideas together.  The new districts will be letting you know the when and where of those.

Unit commissioners become as important as ever.  Each unit whether old or new will have a commissioner who can visit and assist the unit committees to access the resources and programs of the district and council.  This friend to the unit should be well known to all and a welcomed guest at unit meetings and activities.

Are you excited for the future?  I am!  Can you see the possibilities?  I can!  Can you join us in launching five new districts and getting to know lots of new Scouting friends?  I am sure you can!  Welcome to this new chapter of Trapper Trails Council history.  It is going to be great . . . because of you.

Russ Tanner – Council Commissioner

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