Camp Hunt Happenings

The tradition of a great summer camp continues. The staff is working like crazy to serve the Scouts and leaders that come to our camp. This year the camp had about 90% 3CC149F9-D89F-438C-8E30-6769BDA5403Creturning staff. This made the work at the beginning of the season a lot easier. Many of our area directors and assistant directors have been with us since they were CIT’s (Counselor-in-Training). It has been fun to watch them evolve into adult staff this year.

The weather has been a bit odd and the lake is struggling to warm up this year, but the scouts continue to brave the water and the wind to work and play on Bear Lake. All program areas are having great success with helping the scouts earn their merit badges and go home with completed merit badges and great memories!

One change to Camp Hunt has been the creation of Reilley Field. This is at the south end of camp that many of you might know as the old archery range, high adventure area, and the OA Fire Bowl. Through some very generous donations and several years of work, this baron area of camp that has been overlooked for several years is now a beautiful grass field that was dedicated on June 9. It has been named Reilley Field after our beloved Camp Chaplain, Pat Reilly. IMG_3865

Pat has been a part of Camp Hunt for 20+ years, and the area is special to him because he was the shooting sports director for several years. “That guy in the suspenders” is often one of the memories that people mention about our camp. The naming of the field was a big surprise to Pat and his wife, Laura.  It was the camp’s way of saying thank you and we love you to Pat!

On July 20th Camp Hunt will be hosting an Alumni Day. Dan Geddes is coordinating the day. There will be time on the water from 1-3pm. There will be a BBQ dinner at 5pm and a campfire being put on by alumni at 7pm. For those wanting to make a weekend of it, you can arrange to camp in a campsite after the festivities. For more info or to help be involved, call or text Dan Geddes at 208-530-1182.


Brian Simmons – Camp Hunt Camp Director


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