Wood Badge

We held the second 2019 Wood Badge course from June 10th – June 15th at Camp Hull Valley. On Monday morning the participants arrived eager to get started. We started the course off on the right foot with an awesome Blue & Gold Banquet. We had guest B&G photoappearances from Bill and Ted (of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”), Louis Pasteur, Annie Oakley, Amelia Earhart, Abe Lincoln, Sacajawea, and of course Lord Baden-Powell. The rest of the week was no less eventful. On Tuesday the participants learned about the stages of team development. Then the patrols had the chance to put into practice what they learned about team development by building their bottle rockets. The patrols then had a great time launching their rockets later on that afternoon, although the Fox patrol claimed their rocket was sabotaged when it blew up on the launch pad! Flag retiring

Wednesday evening we all had the opportunity to join the NYLT course for the retiring of a 60 foot long flag. That was quite the experience. During the day on Thursday, the participants enjoyed their outdoor experience. Some participated in an orienteering course prepared by the staff. The Eagle patrol had the opportunity to shoot at the Hull Valley rifle range. Later that afternoon, everyone enjoyed the Venturing games. On Thursday night the participants presented an outstanding campfire to the staff. On Saturday morning the participants presented their interfaith service. It was very well Venturing gamesdone. And all too soon, it was time for the closing Gilwell field assembly. I think I can safely say that the phenomenon we call “Wood Badge magic” was very much in evidence on this course.

Rick Smith, Course Director

June 2019 Wood Badge Course

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