District Roundtable…

Dear Scouters:

There is a wonderful thing that happens when Scout leaders come together to share and learn.  Those who have served the youth for many years combine with those who are new and trying to find out what to do.  The new blood and ideas mixed with seasoned CouncilCommissioner_4kand tried experience provides an amazing laboratory for unit leader success.  One of the methods we use to provide this experience is called a District Roundtable.  Held monthly by the District Commissioner and his staff, information, new ideas, training and lots of discussion can help a Scout leader know what to do the very next week or broaden his already extensive knowledge.

With the recent re-organization of the council into the new five districts, namely Jim Bridger (Wyoming), Mountaineer (Ogden Area), Desert Shores (Weber and Box Elder North), Thurston Peak (Davis County) and Mt. Naomi (Cache Valley and Bear Lake),  there are opportunities for all adult Scout leaders to come and join this great resource.  Each of the five districts is establishing a new location and pulling together a staff to provide the monthly event.  See the district website on  www.Trappertrails.org  for specific information.  You can be both a participant and/or a roundtable commissioner.  Contact your local District Commissioner on when, where and how.  If you love the youth, are enthusiastic, want to make a difference and are willing to serve others, we need you.  Some of my fondest memories are while serving on Roundtable staffs and helping leaders find their way to successful unit meetings and activities.

A Roundtable is where Cub Scout leaders can come to see the mechanics of den and pack meetings.  As they are presented the monthly themes and rub shoulders with those who have done these activities many times, the task of providing something meaningful for the young cubs each week or month becomes easy or at least doable.  A Roundtable is a place where a Scout BSA leader can see the Troop Meeting Plan in action and understand the quick and effective segments to learning, practicing, competing and passing off requirements to achieve recognition from newly acquired knowledge.  A Roundtable is a worthwhile use of time to be a better leader.

The future is bright for the Trapper Trails Council.  Scouting continues to be a vital and meaningful movement that provides great things for young men and women.  The aims and methods of Scouting have never been more needed.  Our adventure and activity never disappoints.  Come join us at the next Roundtable and teach us something you know as we share with you too.

Russ Tanner – Council Commissioner

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