Gathering of Eagles

On March 9, 2019, the National Eagle Scout Association Chapter of the Trapper Trails Council hosted the annual Gathering of Eagles Banquet at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center.  The committee also awarded 14 National Outstanding Eagle Awards to Eagle Scouts that have made distinguishing contributions throughout the community. IMG_2078

  • Lloyd Addison
  • Thomas Bartlett
  • Delose Conner
  • Michael Hamilton
  • Bob Holbrook
  • Jefre Leavitt
  • Jody Orme
  • Dale Revelli
  • Brian Simmons
  • Brad Stevens
  • Ralph Stitt
  • Reed Tanner
  • Ben Taylor
  • Todd Young

In addition, the Outstanding Eagle Scout Project award was given to Hyrum Brown for his excellent project.  IMG_2079The main speaker for the evening was Ben Taylor, who told the story of how he developed a business relationship and friendship with Joel from the African country of Liberia, and the service that grew out of their meeting.  The final presentation of the evening was the Line of Duty Fallen Eagle Recognition, presented to Jennie Taylor on behalf of her husband, Brent Taylor, who was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan.  It was a touching tribute to a fellow Eagle Scout and his family for their sacrifice.

We look forward to seeing all the new Eagle Scouts at next year’s Gathering of Eagles Banquet!

Pete Hansen – NESA Alumni Committee

Building relationships, and strengthening connections

Trapper Trails Scouting Alumni and Friends (SAF) mission is to engage, inform and assist alumni affiliates to make Scouting stronger within our communities thereby helping more youth join the Scouting Adventure.  Whether you are a member of Order of the Arrow, Eagle Scout member of NESA, Silver Beaver, National Jamboree participant, Wood Badger, attended one of our awesome camps or a Friends of Scouting donor, please know we need you to be part of our Scouting Alumni and Friends.

For joining we have an Alumni patch to display on your uniform.

Our goal is to make SAF important by building and expanding relationships with the Scouting community thereby making Scouting stronger.  It is worth it to stay connected and Scouting needs alumni affiliates (you!). The opportunities are endless.

Here are some ways to connect:

  • Connections to Scouting community and Scouting friends
  • Social events (banquets, activities, etc)
  • Service events
  • Career and Networking
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Youth program support
  • Recognition for service awards

Two information websites you should visit are:

If you have ideas, or suggestions, we welcome your thoughts.  Please contact me at

Sincerely Yours in Scouting,

Bryant Davis

Scouting Alumni & Friends VP

Follow Me, Boys and Girls!

Dear Scouters;

A few days ago I revisited that classic favorite Disney movie, Follow Me, Boys!  It lifted my spirits and reminded me why it is a favorite of many, not just of Scouts and Scouters.  Lots has changed in Scouting since Lem Siddons started that first troop in Hickory, like two-deep leadership and Scouting’s inclusion of young women.  But the values of Scouting and the vehicle of Scouting for teaching and solidifying those values in lives, remain unchanged.  In this world, Scouting, as a way to preserve and teach those values, remains more relevant than ever. Council-President

It is important that whatever the activity is, whatever the fun is, we never forget to include teaching the values.  Den, pack, troop, patrol, crew, etc. meetings and activities should never be without recitation and discussion or illustration of these values.  As Scouts go throughout life and face situations and decisions, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent, Duty to God and country, helping others, moral rectitude, doing your best, etc. should be right at the surface of the conscience, because no meeting or activity was ever held without these being recited, talked about and illustrated.

Although I remember loads of fun and adventure from my Scouting experiences as a youth, I also remember and deeply appreciate the values taught by adult leaders and other Scouts, and the experiences in learning their application.  Thanks to all of you for devoting your time and energies to perpetuating the values of Scouting!


David Knowles – Council President

New Districts…

Dear Scouters:

The time is finally arriving to change our council from the previous existing fifteen districts down to the new five districts.  This is both exciting and challenging all at once.  In coming weeks you will hear of the specific details through new district Key 3s and their newly formed district committees.  You can even be involved as you serve in your unit or in a district position to help Scouting continue its path in your area. CouncilCommissioner_4k

The ideals and methods of Scouting remain the same.  Our numbers will be fewer than in the past but we can grow.  Of particular importance will be the formation of new packs, troops and crews with strong unit leaders and committees supporting them.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will no longer sponsor units after 2019 but many of their youth will be looking for units to join.  Several new units have ben sponsored in recent months but many more are needed.  Do you know someone who wants to sponsor a unit and has a location where they could meet?  Share that information with your new district leadership right away.

There will be new Roundtable locations and staff forming.  We hope that all unit leaders will come and take advantage of the traditional format of learning and sharing scouting ideas together.  The new districts will be letting you know the when and where of those.

Unit commissioners become as important as ever.  Each unit whether old or new will have a commissioner who can visit and assist the unit committees to access the resources and programs of the district and council.  This friend to the unit should be well known to all and a welcomed guest at unit meetings and activities.

Are you excited for the future?  I am!  Can you see the possibilities?  I can!  Can you join us in launching five new districts and getting to know lots of new Scouting friends?  I am sure you can!  Welcome to this new chapter of Trapper Trails Council history.  It is going to be great . . . because of you.

Russ Tanner – Council Commissioner

How To Find A New Unit To Transfer To

Allen and Tiger Cub

One of the most frequent questions that come to the Scout Service Center is how do I find a pack, troop, crew, ship, or post in my area to transfer into.  The answer is only a click away.  Go to  This is where you will find the location for units in your area that are welcoming youth and adults who want to join.  There are videos about the values of Scouting and information concerning transferring.  If you have questions, you are welcome to call the Scout Service Center at (801) 479-5460.  You can also find information about starting a new Scouting unit in your area.

This is a great time to transfer or join Scouting and be ready for all the fun coming this Fall.  Your new opportunity is only a click away.  Get ready for the adventure, join Scouting!

Spring Merit Badge Camporee


Come enjoy a special opportunity this weekend to camp at Camp Fife and provide your Scouts with a chance to work on many great merit badges.  The Spring Merit Badge Camporee will be April 12th and 13th and units are welcome to stay through the 14th if they choose.  All Scouts BSA troops are invited.  More information is available at or by clicking here, spring camporee.


Congratulations To These New Packs & Troops

2019 is already proving to be a great year for new Scouting units in the Trapper Trails Council.  Here’s a list:

Troop 519 – Sponsored by Mountain Road Church in Fruit Heights, UT

Troop 596 – Sponsored by Brandaris Inc. in Kaysville, UT

Troop 7196 – Sponsored by the Roy Elks Lodge in Roy, UT

Troop 54 – Sponsored by Elim Lutheran Church in Ogden, UT

Troop 745 – Sponsored by Fellowship Bible Church in Liberty, UT

Troop 2119 – Sponsored by Zootah in Logan, UT

Troop 542 – Sponsored by Larry’s Inspection Services LLC in Roy, UT

Pack 542 – Sponsored by Larry’s Inspection Services LLC in Roy, UT

Troop 307 – Sponsored by YWCA in Rock Springs, WY

Troop 47 – Sponsored by the American Legion in Hyrum, UT

To find out more information about these and many other Packs, Troop, Crews, Posts, and Ships in your area, go to or call the Scout Service Center at (801) 479-5460.  These new units, plus many others are looking for new Scouts to join.  Whether your son or daughter is new to Scouting or looking to transfer from an different unit, there’s a place available.