2018 Gathering of Eagles

Trapper Trails Council National Eagle Scout Association chapter held their annual NESA-Emblem-4-color4
Gathering of Eagles recognition banquet in Apr. The following adult Eagle Scouts were awarded the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award:

  • John Porter – Morgan UT
  • Kyle McKay – Kaysville, UT
  • Bryan Larsen – Logan, UT
  • Gregory Fisher – Rock Springs, WY
  • Stephen Allen – Rock Springs, WY
  • Michael Cutter – North Ogden, UT
  • Don Hall – West Haven , UT
  • Leroy Wilson – Kaysville, UT
  • Glen Curtis – Tremonton, UT
  • Travis Parker – Hyrum, UT
  • Scott Grover – Logan, UT
  • Steven Peterson – Farr West, UT
  • Rick Larkin – Nibley, UT
  • David Knowles – Huntsville, UT
  • Roger Shumway – Kaysville, UT
  • John Brenchley – Hyrum, UT

The NESA committee had the honor to award the National Distinguished Eagle Scout Award to Timothy Beaty of Pleasant View Utah.  This is the only the second Distinguished Eagle Scout Award presented in our Council.

Nominate an Eagle Scout for the 2019 Gathering of Eagles banquet, click here.


Silver Beaver Summer Social

The first Friday in August the Silver Beaver Colony held it’s annual summer social.  The weather was perfect albeit hot as we gathered for an evening of food, conversation and entertainment.

Colony members and their guests started to arrive at about 6:00 and took the opportunity to socialize and catch up on what their fellow Silver Beavers had been up to. The Social was officially called to order at 6:30 and after some brief announcements the dining portion of the evening began.

The Silver Beaver Colony provided the meat for the meal, chicken from Lee’s in North Ogden.  Everyone else provided a smorgasbord of veggies, sides and deserts.  There was plenty of food so no one went away hungry.

Next Bry Davis shared a few thoughts on the Alumni Association and it’s role in the future of scouting in our Council. Following Bry’s remarks we were all amazed and entertained with a magic act performance by Eric Wanner.

The evening ended with an inspirational scouters minute presented by Kelly Spencer.

If you were unable to attend this year’s social we hope you will join us next year for what is always an enjoyable evening.

A special thanks to the Silver Beaver Colony Board for their help in making this event successful.

Wood Badge course W2-589-18-3

Our Wood Badge course began on Monday, July 2ndat Bartlett Scout Reservation with setup and final preparations the day before. We had 29 participants and 16 staff members. Participants were divided into 6 patrols, Beavers thru Bears. It concluded on Saturday, July 7th. We had the pleasure of being part of Encompass, otherwise known as Family Camp. It provided a rich experience of family interactions as well as lots of fun times while still providing a wonderful training experience. The participants staff and enjoyed one of the finest Wood Badge courses ever held. image6156514

Our conservation project was two-fold. We divided up and one group went to the lower part of camp where we cut up and loaded firewood into several trucks. The wood was then hauled and stacked outside of camp for use by needy families for use during the winter. The other group followed a trail up above camp where several forest service campsites are located. They cleaned the trails and campsites and better organized them for regular use. Both projects were productive and helpful and everyone participating felt a sense of accomplishment.

A unique and fun part of our course was the Penguin Salute song taught and led by staff member Mike Dixon. If you happen to meet anyone who participated in this course, be sure to ask them about it.

Building relationships, and strengthening connections

Welcome to Trapper Trails Alumni & Friends

Trapper Trails Scouting Alumni and Friends (SAF) mission is to engage, inform and assist alumni affiliates to make Scouting stronger within our communities thereby helping more youth join the Scouting Adventure.  Whether you are a member of Order of the Arrow, Eagle Scout member of NESA, Silver Beaver, National Jamboree participant, Wood Badger, attended one of our awesome camps or a Friends of Scouting donor, please know we need you to be part of our Scouting Alumni and Friends.

For joining we have a brand-new Alumni patch and membership card that gets you in to Alumni events. Pay your 2019 dues, and you will receive the 2019 membership card – the 2019 card will be your ticket in to next year’s social (i.e. Silver Beaver Dinner, etc).

Our goal is to make SAF important by building and expanding relationships with the Scouting community thereby making Scouting stronger.  It is worth itto stay connected and Scouting needs alumni affiliates (you!). The opportunities are endless.

Here are some ways to connect:

  • Connections to Scouting community and Scouting friends
  • Social events (banquets, activities, etc)
  • Service events
  • Career and Networking
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Youth program support
  • Recognition for service awards

Two information websites you should visit are:

If you have ideas, or suggestions, we welcome your thoughts.  Please contact me at Scouting-Alumni-Friends-logobrydavis@comcast.net

Sincerely Yours in Scouting,

Bryant Davis

Scouting Alumni & Friends VP


I like change, which is probably a good thing since we live in a time of constant change.  The Boy Scouts of America has enjoyed over a hundred year relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This has been a great relationship over the years but now changes are coming to that relationship.  At the end of 2019 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will end that long relationship. Until then, units affiliated with The Church will continue to operate normally.  Then we will adapt.  Already several more community sponsored units have started or are in the process of getting started. In the coming years we expect many more to be chartered.  Those who love the values and adventure of scouting will have a place to go and we will adapt and grow to meet the needs of the Cub and Scout units.  Council-President

Camps will still be running, merit badges and rank advancements will still be there and, of course, there will be many more opportunities for future adventures.  Scouts will continue to learn great values and life lessons that will prepare them for their futures as leaders in their families and in their communities.

For those involved in LDS units we will work hard through the next year to support those needing camping, rank advancements, and council support. After which we encourage anyone that is interested in starting or joining a new unit to contact us.  We have many resources to help with the transition.

I look forward to Scouting in the future.  The changes will require work, but changes always do.  There will be new lessons to learn and adventures to be had.

Changes present opportunities.


Frank W Browning

Council President

Council Seeks Leaders and Mentors

We were recently contacted by KSL to participate in a story about how the Trapper Trails Council is seeking Scouting leaders to help mentor and develop new packs and troops.  This is an important part of the path forward during the LDS transition.


For more information about the Trapper Trails Council’s path forward go to http://www.trappertrails.org/pathforward.